Rian Montgomery

rian mWaynesboro, Virginia, USA

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(540) 943-1689

Rian Montgomery has been on an intense metaphysical and spiritual path since 2010 and has activated many of her healing and psychic/intuitive abilities since then.  She obtained a 90-day Rebirthing Breathwork certification in 2014 and has lived at Leonard’s Waynesboro training center since January 2014.

Rian is the new RBI Coordinator and unofficial ‘house mother’ for the training center.  She has successfully learned how to incorporate the elements of earth, air, water and fire into daily spiritual purification practices and enjoys sharing this knowledge with and teaching others.

Rian offers rebirthing breathwork sessions, intuitive and healing sessions and past life readings to the Waynesboro/Staunton area as well as in Washington DC.  She also offers animal communication and healing sessions.