Love Notes Money

The Love Notes Money system is an alternative, enlightened money system using a new currency called Love Notes Money. It is administered by the Love Notes Money Society (LNMS).

The Love Notes Money Society is a tax-exempt, democratically owned and operated society formed for the purpose of educating our fellow citizens about the simple truths about money. It prints and circulates money (Love Notes Money) to its members in a just and orderly way. It adds love and practical intelligence to our financial life.

The Love Notes Money system is based upon the innovated ideas and research of Leonard Orr. His book The Truth About Money reports his 35 years’ worth of research into the subject of money and its workings. It can be ordered online by clicking here.

To understand the use and benefits of alternative, local currencies, it is important first to understand what money is and how it is created, how the present money system works, and what its impact is on people’s financial lives. For this purpose, you may want to read the article Understanding Money and Taxes. It is a brilliant introduction to the world of public finance.

We then start to grasp the beauty and primordial importance of rational, alternative, local money systems. It becomes clear that the implementation of such money systems is essential for the global welfare of individuals and communities worldwide. You will find more details in the article Local Money.

Alternative currencies are basic to the lasting prosperity of communities. Numerous local money systems have been implemented in America and around the world. Love Notes Money as well as all local currencies are perfectly legal in the United States. The article American Local Currencies and the Legality Issue will shed light on the law governing alternative currencies and give more details on the functioning of the Love Notes Money system.

If you would like to support and play in an alternative money system and further your education about money, you may like to become a member of the Love Notes Money Society. If so, click on JOINING THE LOVE NOTES MONEY SOCIETY. Membership is open to everyone.



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