About R.B.I. and the work of Leonard Orr

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RBI stands for Rebirthing Breathwork International (officially Rebirth International).

It is a non-profit organization with the purpose of uniting Rebirthers-Breathworkers and Conscious Breathers around the world and improving the quality of the Rebirthing work on the planet , by offering rebirthing trainings for self-healing, rejuvenation and renewal, as well as by training rebirthing professionals.

RBI is dedicated to teaching the substance and the form of practical personal mastery of Spirit, Mind, and Body. The three secrets include:

  1. Judging each thought as it flows through our consciousness.
  2. Cleaning and balancing our energy body with earth, air, water, and fire.
  3. Building spiritual community by sharing secrets 1 and 2 with as many people as possible.

We, at RBI, network our members and supply all kinds of support – literature, seminars, an annual convention, trainings for our members and the public.

Our organization has to keep our priorities right. We have to carefully and sensitively maintain an organization that is not lost in techniques, human power games, emotional problems – including birth trauma, parental disapproval syndrome, death urge and greed – in any way that consciously or unconsciously causes us to lose the Power and Presence of God. Organizations are created by their members.

Rebirth International membership is for everyone who has an interest in and supports Rebirthing Breathwork, spiritual enlightenment, spiritual purification, spiritual community, spiritual growth, and total healing through all forms of self-improvement. The only requirements for becoming a member are to have an interest in healing, growing as a Divine human being and to pay annual dues.

Would you like to join RBI and play with us?
For more information, please e-mail [email protected]