2013 Rebirth International Convention

Rebirthing training-retreats happening simultaneously 

June 29th – July 14th – at Inspiration University in Waynesboro, Virginia, USA

The RBI Conventions are inclusive of everyone in the movement. You are welcome!

Enjoy the power of international spiritual community and learn more about:

  • Who is a good rebirther? *How to be successful as a self-employed rebirthing professional?
  • How to become Rebirther-trainer and international teacher? *How to be a successful organizer?
  • Immerse yourself in the ‘practices of pleasure’ – spiritual purification with Earth, Air, Water and Fire.
  • Daily lectures, seminars and individual rebirthing sessions.
9-day training retreats start June 22, June 29 and July 6 (5- and 3-day options available)

3-week professional training: June 22 – July 14

Special Convention Training Prices!
Tuition is $400 for 5 days + food and lodging $60/day ($300.-); $500.- for 9 days + food and lodging $60/day ($540.-)

Special Seminars Open to Public

Special Meetings

Location: 200 Parker Heights Rd in Waynesboro, VA

Please register now with a $100 deposit. Register Here