Join Leonard in India This Fall – the Babaji Trip

“And you shall seek me, and find me, when you shall search for me with all your heart.
And I will be found of you, says the lord.”
“Who is there in the Universe, but you, the Infinite Spirit?
And there is none upon earth that I desire beside you.
It is good for me to draw near to God.”


God is Omnipotent, Divine, Supreme, Eternal, Infinite, Life, Love, Truth, and Oneness.

When I met Babaji the first time in January 1978, I realized as an understatement that he was the greatest thing in the Universe, the greatest person on the planet.   I could do nothing better with my time and life than visit him at least one month each year whenever he was available in human form.  I did this from 1978 through 1984 and again when he called me, several times after 1984.

He invited me to come to india to see him a year ago, but I was  booked for a year, including my commitment to be at home for rest and rejuvenation and healing of my career burnout problem.   I didn’t like the idea of being with him in that condition.

This year I was determined to build a visit with him into my schedule, because he invited me so warmly.   The timing is September 18 through October 22, 2013.  I still don’t exactly know where I will meet him in India, but He always plans the most interesting adventures for me.

Babaji also keeps telling me that He is with me all the time.  So why do I search for Him in remote places in the world with all my heart?

The answer is simple.  Babaji is the greatest being on the planet.  To be with Him in His human form is the greatest wonder in the Universe.

Babaji, the Angel of the Lord, also appears on a daily basis to over 1000 friends of mine.  He can do this with everyone when we are all ready.  He is always available in my mind, but sometimes it is difficult for me to read His answers.  We are human as well as Divine,  being with our Mother – Father God in human form is a beautiful experience of our humanity.

When I go to India, I usually like to have $3000 to $5000 for the trip.  I have this much on several credit cards.  I may also have this much in cash after my trainings in Europe on the way to India.

I usually give at least as much cash to Babaji as I spend with the airlines.  In my value system, this is basic.  I value Babaji more than the airlines.  While in India, I also like hotels with bathtubs,  unless  I bathe with Babaji  in a river.  Did you ever think about the fact that when we bathe in a river, the water changes every second.   In a minute, we receive at least 60 baths.

My guide fee is $1008.  It is payable now.   When I receive it, I will give you more details of the trip.

The guide fee doesn’t mean that I will hold your hand the whole time.  It is basically a courtesy gesture for you and a qualifier that guarantees that we will have fun together.  The trip is not for desperate people.  If you are desperate, it is best for you to stay home and accept Babaji’s assistance where you are and cure your desperation.

I have a 9 Day Training built into the trip, mainly for Indian locals.  This is included in the guide fee, except for your food and lodging.  It will be nice if you make a donation to my training organizer.  You can determine this,  at the end of the training,  after meeting her.

Meeting the creator of the Universe in human form again is enough said.   This is why I scheduled the trip to India.  Babaji said this march, “I am waiting for you.”  What a privilege!   I am very happy!

If you would like to go, and get value from hanging out with me, whether or not we do meet Babaji, send your guide fee through one of the following options:


Send your Check or Money Order payable to: 

Leonard D. Orr

P.O. Box 1026,

Staunton, VA  24402, USA


Call 540-885-0551 for credit card payments.


Send your guide fee via pay pal to:

[email protected]

I make no guarantees, except that it is our adventure.  I am excited to see who joins us!  Babaji sent me an email this week which said, “You will find out where to find me when you arrive in india.”

I have been working on my book about him for 8 months, it is almost finished.  I may finish it before I see him, but obviously this visit will add more content, if I don’t finish it before.

He says make this book light and easy.  Then he will help me write a more difficult and heavy one.

It is good to inform me now by email if you intend to join me: [email protected]

In Truth, Simplicity, and Love,
Leonard D. Orr