About RBI Trainings


With questions and to register, please contact us: [email protected]

The professional Rebirthing breathwork training is a 21 day training course with varied lectures and seminars given by Leonard Orr and his personally trained staff.

We also have a popular 9-day training format which is the condensed version of the 3 weeks.

Trainings start on Saturday mornings at 10AM. We ask participants to arrive the day before. Please see our schedule here.

If you can only come for less than 9 days, we are open to it – just let us know. Please arrive on the previous day – Friday.

Participants have the opportunity to receive an individual rebirthing session almost every day, as well as to start practicing giving sessions to other participants.

It is a comprehensive and varied program that Leonard Orr has put together, gathering the nuggets of wisdom and experience from his decades of practice and training thousands of people worldwide.

Leonard gives the morning lectures/seminars and you will also have the opportunity to spend time with him one-on-one to discuss specific issues or questions.

You will experience the spiritual purification practices with Earth, Water and Fire, in addition to Air (breathing sessions).

Once per week, we have a day of fasting on liquids (juice, herbal tea, water), fire (sitting by an open flame), silence and solitude.

Training starts at 10am in the morning and lasts until evening, specific time of completion depends on the day.

We have a manual for each person and after the course, you will receive a certificate of participation.

We serve vegetarian food. Please let me know if you have any food sensitivities.


We do pick-ups from two airports that are about 30min from the center:

Charlottesville, in Virginia (CHO) and Shenandoah Valley Regional Airport, in Virginia (SHD)

The transportation fee is $35.-/one way.

The address of the center: 200 Parker Heights Road, Waynesboro Virginia, 22980, USA; phone number (+1) 540-943-1689

Please plan to arrive one day before (Friday), to allow you the time to recover from your trip.


The full tuition for the 3 weeks is $2,600.-, includes food and lodging. We don’t charge extra for the night before and after the training, so you can arrive and leave the previous / the following day for a more relaxing arrangement.

The tuition for the 9-day training is $1,008.- + $540.- for food and lodging = $1,548.- total

The center has limited lodging. When we are at full capacity, there are motels nearby where participants can stay.

For the 3 week training, there is a non-refundable deposit of $300.- to reserve your spot. For 9 days, it is $100.-.

You can make the payment through our website  here:

[Choose ‘one-time donation’ – we use it for both, payments and donations (credit card, debit card or Paypal options).]

If you would like to pay from your Paypal account directly (if you have one), the e-mail address is [email protected]


Please bring comfortable clothing; bathing suit and a snorkel, if you would like to receive water rebirthing sessions (optional);

house shoes if you wear them (we take off shoes in the house);

a sleeping bag (optional) – if you have one and would like to sleep by the fire at night (the practice of fire purification).

Obviously, you can always sleep in a bed here, but some people fall in love with the fire…


To register and reserve your spot, please e-mail us:  [email protected]

Our team is looking forward to meeting you!