About RBI Trainings


With questions and to register, please contact us: [email protected]

Our rebirthing trainings are powerful experiences of healing and transformation which often have life changing effects. You will also have skills of giving rebirthing sessions and seminars to help your friends and clients. Our tradition of breathwork follows the teachings of the founder of Rebirthing Breathwork Leonard Orr who perfected the technique in 1974.

All prices include training, food and lodging.

RBI Training Center in Waynesboro, Virginia, USA

21 Day Professional Training $3.960.-

14 Day Professional Training $2,860.-

9 Day Training $1,980.-

5 Day Training $1,320.-

The professional Rebirthing breathwork training options are a 21-day and a 14-day training course with varied lectures and seminars. Participants have the opportunity to receive an individual rebirthing session almost every day, as well as to start practicing giving sessions to other participants.

We also have a popular 9-day training format which is the condensed version, as well as a 5-day program.

The training begins on Thursday at 3pm.
If you would like to arrive the previous day, Wednesday, our doors open at 5pm. You can enjoy dinner and lodging for an extra $50.- If you prefer to leave the day after the training ends, you can enjoy food and lodging for an extra night for $50.- Please see our full schedule here.

It is a comprehensive and varied program that Leonard Orr has put together, gathering the nuggets of wisdom and experience from his decades of practice and training thousands of people worldwide.

You will experience the spiritual purification practices with Earth, Water and Fire, in addition to Air (breathing sessions).

Once per week, we have a day of fasting on liquids (juice, herbal tea, water), fire (sitting by an open flame), silence and solitude.

Training starts at 10am in the morning (except for the first day) and lasts until early evening, specific time of completion depends on the day.

We have a manual for each person and after the course, you will receive a certificate of participation.

We serve vegetarian food. Please let me know if you have any food sensitivities.


Charlottesville, in Virginia (CHO) and Shenandoah Valley Regional Airport, in Virginia (SHD)

We have recently changed our policy and no longer offer transportation from Charlottesville to our center (unless specially agreed). You can choose between a taxi, an uber and a rental car. Average amount of time by car from Charlottesville airport: 45min; from the train station or bus station: $30min.

The address of the center: 200 Parker Heights Road, Waynesboro Virginia, 22980, USA; phone number (+1) 540-943-1689
If you would like to call with questions or registration, please contact Elvi Orr (+1) 540-414-3553 [email protected]