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New Renn

by Leonard Orr I had cancer for over 10 years. It became Life threatening. I read Harry Hoxsey’s book You Don’t Have to Die in spring 2000, went to the Hoxsey clinic in Tijuana, Mexico – called the Biomedical Center – in August, and now in December 2000, after 4 months of treatment, my cancer is gone. I stayed in California for […]

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Self Employed Public Minister by Leonard Orr This is a wonderful new job opportunity for millions of people all over the world. It is a great professional career, equal to any other profession, such as doctor, lawyer, psychologist, sales, or retail business. The Self-Employed Public Minister is an elected neighborhood representative who is a community service humanitarian. This genuine public […]

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Babaji In Haidakhan

Physical Immortality – Two Powerful Words by Leonard Orr A mind expanded by a new idea can never return to its former size. Two common words in everyone’s vocabulary when combined into one idea become one of the most powerful ideas in the universe. Physical is a very common word. Immortality is also a common word. When you combine them, […]

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Immortal Yoga

Spiritual Purification – The rules of Life Ignorance and Wisdom People can live in happiness or misery. Ignorance leads to misery. Wisdom can produce happiness. We choose Life or death every day. Every month we are happier and more alive, or we are more tense, more miserable, and more dead. People rarely die in one day, they spend a lifetime […]

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Sierraville 2012 Fire Ceremony 4

Read an excerpt from Leonard’s book, Energy Management. There is enough information in this one page to increase your personal aliveness exponentially. The secret is in applying this information in you daily practice. ~*~ ENERGY MANAGEMENT By Leonard Orr I’ve been working on a book about personal energy management for a few years. I think I am now ready to […]

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