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  • Love Notes Money Membership

    The Love Notes Money Society in central Virginia is a group of intelligent and responsible citizens who have created a practical and […]

  • Love Notes Money Directory

    Below is the list of LNMS members – people you can spend your Love Notes Money (LNM) with. We buy […]

  • Legality of America Local Currencies

    Local Currencies are as American as Apple Pie! Are Love Notes Money Legal?   Local Currencies in the United States […]

  • Local Money

    Local money systems are being created and operated by intelligent, responsible citizen groups all over the world. They successfully deal […]

  • Understanding Money and Taxes

    About 30 years ago, I decided I wanted to understand and master money. Whether I have or not is up […]

  • Love Notes Money

    The Love Notes Money system is an alternative, enlightened money system using a new currency called Love Notes Money. It is administered by […]