Wisdom from Leonard Orr


    THE BOOK OF REVELATIONS by Leonard D. Orr The Book of Revelations is a great mind exercise. We can figure it out of we understand the basic truths about life. But the truth takes the fun out of it and makes us face ourselves. Are […]

  • Adventures


    by Leonard Orr We are Spirit or Energy, Mind, and Body. Energy is always perfect, whole, and transcendent. The question of quality doesn’t arise for our Infinite Energy Source. It is always high quality Infinite Eternal Life – Energy evenly distributed throughout space and time. […]

  • 100000dollarebirther

    The Invincible Rebirthers

    by Leonard Orr The state of transcendence resurrects the health of the body, organizes it, or reorganizes it. This has been studied scientifically by biologists. Eternal Life Energy keeps the organism organized. Death is caused by disorganization in the organism as Life Energy weakens. Organization […]

  • Breathawareness

    If You Stop Breathing You Die

    by Leonard Orr If you hold your breath for a few minutes, just one breath becomes the most valuable thing in the world. Therefore learning how to breathe better might be the most important thing that we can do with our money. And yet people […]

  • Smomking

    The Glory of Smoking

    by Len Orr Raja Smoking cigarettes enables you to look like the people in the television commercials – very sophisticated. That’s it. It goes downhill after that. Oh! One more. It is possible to endure the smoking habit, even to think you enjoy it, for […]

  • 2013 REBIRTHING Foto Para Convocatoria A Charla De Leonard ORR 12 De Marzo

    Fun Thoughts About RBI Trainings

    by Leonard Orr The tuition for all my trainings, seminars, and services are negotiable except for the SALT (Special Advanced Leadership Training). I’ve always felt that no one should ever be kept away from Rebirthing or any genuine spiritual work because of money, especially the […]

  • Breathtrack

    The Peace of God Plus

    by Leonard Orr After we have mastered the basic practices with the 5 elements thoroughly enough so that the Peace of God becomes our normal state (which may take ten years of practice – more or less), there is nothing else to do with our […]

  • Terror

    Terrorism- The Cure

    by Leonard Orr The ultimate cure for terrorism may not be to kill the terrorists, but to heal the root causes of it and to work consciously to prevent terrorism. The cure is both an inside and an outside job. The cure begins with healing […]

  • Youthing

    Intelligent Energy

    by Leonard Orr Energy becomes what it thinks about. This is the most basic truth about Life. If you really understand these words, you are spiritually enlightened. Energy becomes what it thinks about. Energy is the Source of all things. Energy is Infinite Being, the […]

  • Eternalbreath

    The Unconscious Death Urge

    by Young Leonard The death urge is a psychic entity that usually overcomes the rational mind and splits the body off from the Eternal spirit and destroys it. The physical body without the eternal aliveness of Life Itself becomes stiffer – more solid – until […]

  • The Two Trees

    By Leonard Orr There is new hope. A new Nostradamus book has been found. It says that when the true meaning of the Garden Trees is revealed, the Age of Truth will come… In the Garden of Eden with Adam and Eve there were two […]

  • New Renn

    Healing Cancer with Hoxsey Therapy

    by Leonard Orr I had cancer for over 10 years. It became Life threatening. I read Harry Hoxsey’s book You Don’t Have to Die in spring 2000, went to the Hoxsey clinic in Tijuana, Mexico – called the Biomedical Center – in August, and now in December […]

  • Makedemocracywork

    Enlightened Politics

    Self Employed Public Minister by Leonard Orr This is a wonderful new job opportunity for millions of people all over the world. It is a great professional career, equal to any other profession, such as doctor, lawyer, psychologist, sales, or retail business. The Self-Employed Public […]

  • Babaji In Haidakhan

    Physical Immortality

    Physical Immortality – Two Powerful Words by Leonard Orr A mind expanded by a new idea can never return to its former size. Two common words in everyone’s vocabulary when combined into one idea become one of the most powerful ideas in the universe. Physical […]

  • Immortal Yoga

    Ignorance and Wisdom: The Eight Biggies

    Spiritual Purification – The rules of Life Ignorance and Wisdom People can live in happiness or misery. Ignorance leads to misery. Wisdom can produce happiness. We choose Life or death every day. Every month we are happier and more alive, or we are more tense, […]

  • Sierraville 2012 Fire Ceremony 4

    Spiritual Purification and Life Mastery

    Read an excerpt from Leonard’s book, Energy Management. There is enough information in this one page to increase your personal aliveness exponentially. The secret is in applying this information in you daily practice. ~*~ ENERGY MANAGEMENT By Leonard Orr I’ve been working on a book […]

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