9 Journeys Home by Bob Mandel


9 Journeys Home by Bob Mandel


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How to get Back to Yourself

The way of healing wounds takes you down Memory Lane to Feeling Falls, where you connect with old, unresolved feelings you can leave in the River of Release or Lake Letting Go. Eventually, you cross Emptiness Plains, where you experience the nothingness beneath old pain, and from there you arrive at Point of Closure and a feeling of wholeness.Each of us is on a journey home to self-esteem and spiritual awareness—a journey through forgiveness and compassion that begins with ourselves and expands to include others, one by one, in every sacred encounter. Through inspiring stories, personal insight into the nature of self-discovery, detailed maps that will guide you on your travels, and sound advice about pitfalls you may encounter along the way, Bob Mandel offers nine excursions into your true self—journeys that will take you from rejection to acceptance, fear to tolerance, and resentment to gratitude.With Mandel’¬?s gentle, open-hearted guidance, 9 JOURNEYS HOME will teach you how to extend and accept support, appreciate the sublime beauty of humility, and value the light in others and in yourself. Along the path to your spiritual roots, you will confront your own imperfections, allowing you to feel compassion for all humanity. These journeys—including “The Way of Healing Old Wounds,” “The Scenic Route to a Positive Self-Image,” and “The Search for Inner Sanctum”—are healing and revealing, encouraging recovery and discovery as you find your way back home

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