A Call to Mother’s Grace and Gifts by Toni Delgado


A Call to Mother’s Grace and Gifts by Toni Delgado


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“Without a Divine Mother there is no Life. She is First Mover, She is First Cause and Effect. Without Her Intent for Creation, no Creation is feasible. She is the Womb of Creation. She is the Originator, the Activator, the Place of Gestation, the Trusting Parent who releases us into the Celebration of Life. Thru Her all things are possible and all possibilities exist. Accepting the Divine Mother’s Grace is the firm Recognition in every cell of our being that our Beloved Mother gave us Life and a Body and a Mind and a Spirit and a Will and a Heart to serve as vehicle for us to Be and Learn the most that we can in this Experience of Love. Accepting Mom’s Grace is Recognition of these Huge Gifts. She gave us these Gifts in the Beginning and daily She Hugely Dispensates us in more ways than we can imagine. She continues to give to us, for She loves us beyond measure. We are here to Express and Be the Mother’s Loving Grace and Joy and to Heal Relationship our relationship to all aspects of self, to God and to All of Life.”
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