Aarti (CD)

Aarti (CD)


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The Aarti is an Indian worship ceremony of the Divine. Literally, Aarti means┬ádispeller of darkness. Singing and listening to the songs of the Aarti, sheds light upon our darkness – our ignorance of the Self. It is a deep meditation experience that helps us raise our vibration and experience more of Babaji’s Presence, Love, and guidance.

This version of the Aarti was recorded live in Herakhan. It starts with a recording of Babaji singing mantras in the river.

O Lord, sitting in the siddha pose, residing in solitude, You are the Ocean of Knowledge, full of bliss; You are of peaceful nature, pure and generous, You free us from bondage. Hail Hail, O King of Sages, Remover of the pain of your devotees. – from Haidhakan Aarti