Breathe by Sissel Tvedte


Breathe by Sissel Tvedte


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During all the years I have been working with releasing, liberating breath, breathing sessions, rebirthing, holotropic breathing (all good names for the same thing) I can count on one hand those who did not get a positive result from it. A barren childhood bereft of a mother’s love led Sissel Tvedte into her own inner world, developing her insight and special skills as a ‘sensitive’, blessed with clairvoyance. Here Sissel Tvedte focuses on our breathing, the way we use our lungs to reinvigorate our bloodstream, give power to our brain cells and life force to our bodies. But breathing also affects our inner being; half a breath is only half a life. Here the deeper focus is to help us get in touch with our total selves, including our spiritual side and our ‘inner child’, in order to live our lives more fully. Where there is breath, there is life. Where there is sickness, there can be healing. Here is a book to help us find our path.

Pages- 153