Eternal Breath: a biography of Leonard Orr by Pola Churchill

Eternal Breath: a biography of Leonard Orr by Pola Churchill


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A biography of rebirthing-breathwork founder Leonard Orr, written by Pola Churchill

Eternal Breath – A Biography of Leonard Orr by Pola Churchill is a unique classic. There is beautiful “light” streaming both from the writing style and content; it touches the soul. It is explosive and revolutionary!

Leonard Orr is one of the pioneers and originators of the Human Potential Movement along with contemporary folk heroes Earl NightingaleMaxwell MaltzCarl Rodgers and Abraham Moslow. He has written over twenty-nine books in over a dozen languages, including Rebirthing In The New AgeThe Story Of Rebirthing-BreathworkBabaji:Angel Of The LordGovernment Without TaxesHow To Make Democracy WorkBreaking The Death Habit and many more. His international Rebirthing-Breathwork Movement has served over ten million people on six continents.

“Leonard gave me the privilege of being one of the first rebirthers on the planet; because of him, I was given this awesome spiritual mission that made my whole life into a miracle.” — Sondra Ray, founder of LRT, Divine Mother Movement, author of seventeen books.

“Leonard is a mind blower. He has the ability to alter reality. If you enter into a relationship with him with any degree of sincerity, you will be mutated. Stuff is going to come up in his presence; anything that is less pure than he is, and you are going to have to address it.” — Bob Frissel, author of Nothing In This Book Is True, But It Is Exactly How Things Are.

Leonard’s biographer is Pola Churchill. Pola is the author of the book Shiva Mahavatar Babaji (1996) and writer/producer of the documentary “The Keys To Permanent Healing” (2006), a series of interviews with healers and lightworkers from around the world. She is currently writing a screenplay for a feature film. In 1991 and 1997, Pola was initiated into Kriya Yoga at the Self-Realization Fellowship in Los Angeles. She is a healer and world traveler.