Healing and Holiness by Sondra Ray

Healing and Holiness by Sondra Ray


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An intimate testimony of Sondra Ray’s personal healing journey…

In this book, Sondra Ray shares her spiritual and physical journey. Written as an intimate personal testimony, Sondra tells of her struggles—toiling through difficult exercises with her spiritual masters—and her triumphs—experiencing the transformative powers of rebirthing and metaphysical healing—as she learns to recondition her mind and body to heal with and without using Western medicine. The book offers new insight into the workings of the unconscious mind and our ability to affect the way the mind controls the body. One of Sondra’s most important books which is also a  brilliant manual on metaphysical healing.

Sondra Ray is one of the foremost international rebirther trainers, a best-selling author, metaphysical healer, and student of A Course in Miracles.