Manual for Rebirthers By Fanny Van Laere & Leonard Orr


Manual for Rebirthers By Fanny Van Laere & Leonard Orr


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This book brings together concepts and practices of high quality Rebirthing

and is designed to bring greater success to your Rebirthing experience.

The book is used as a manual for Leonard Orr Rebirthing and Spiritual Purification Trainings.

258 pages

Publisher: Vision Libros

Excerpt from the book (p17):

Ways to define Rebirthing:
– Physical experience of Divine Energy or Infinite Being
– Changing the negative thoughts about life that we have integrated, until pattern that have been created in mind and body are resolved
– “Divine orgasm” or “cosmic relaxation”
– The science of not holding your breath (inhibited breathing), and filling up your physical body with Divine Energy
– Rebirthing is the most complete and natural way to release old subconscious beliefs and to integrate more confidence, trust and pleasure into your body and soul
– Breaking the birth-death cycle, incorporating body and mind into the conscious life of the Eternal Spirit, with the aim of becoming an expression of it