The Resurgence of the Feminine by Fanny Van Laere


The Resurgence of the Feminine by Fanny Van Laere


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Faced with a society which has developed rational analysis and technology, but who has failed to translate their material still emotional and spiritual welfare, the resurgence of the feminine is increasingly necessary, essential and inevitable. This book is a call for healing and for the development of consciousness, both women and men. It provides tools for the integration of feminine values ​​and to the humanization of our relationship with us, we same-same and, therefore, with others, with society and with the environment.
It is the encounter with your true power and your true nature, beyond social conditioning and gender. It is an invitation to internalized in order to stay in touch with our Divine Human Potential, develop it and then be able to express and externalize, thus healing our lives and our relationship with Mother Earth. In this journey of initiation of overcoming the repression of the feminine we dare to explore our human dimensions, as well as contact our vulnerable sides, turning them this way and in real strength allies.
“By suppressing their feminine side, humans have created a civilization that represses women and is disconnected with nature. This repression, these inequalities and this childish unconsciousness take first place in our subconscious and have them printed in our cellular memory. “‘In order to reach equilibrium, both women and men have to reach the consciousness of the feminine and masculine within us, and we must learn to balance the male and female energies. »« for this we have to overcome gender roles and stereotypes, allowing to identify with them. We need to transgress the roles

Pages: 166