The Secrets of Youthing


The Secrets of Youthing


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The first part of the book is titled Turning Senility Misery into Victory. Leonard describes senility as “infancy consciousness”,…

… “the second childhood that can make us a spiritual adult”, as well as “the doorway to spiritual liberation”. He says, “The great senility cleaning is God’s greatest gift if we can only live through it. Victory over senility is the beginning of physical immortality.” It is essential reading for everyone to get prepared to face “the final exam of the human condition”.

The second part consists of exerpts from Leonard’s diary during his senility process, including “Diary of a Madman”.

Finally the third part is devoted to the ancient rite of rejuvenation called Shiva Kalpa which, Leonard reports, ” helped me put all my senility symptoms to rest.” There are many rites of rejuvenation, but Shiva Kalpa is the easiest.

All of Life is an opportunity to prepare for senility. Reading this book is essential preparation.