The Shiva Purana – Vol 4

The Shiva Purana – Vol 4


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The Shiva Purana are one of the most ancient and greatest Scriptures. Shiva is the Sanskrit word for God. Purana means scripture. The Shiva Purana is the word of God, covering human history for millions of years before the Bible history. It is the original teachings of God for humanity to achieve enlightenment, salvation, and perfection. The Shiva Purana works in time and beyond time. It is a unique history of God’s people.

The Shiva Purana discusses the principles and the practical practices for achieving success in all aspects of Life on earth and other realms more thoroughly. It is a perfect combination of story, truth principles, and rituals, which build the power of God into our minds and our bodies.

Knowledge of the Shiva Purana has produced numberless spiritual masters who have conquered all aspects of death and achieved practical perfection. It is a basic spiritual duty of all Christians, Muslims, as well as Hindus and people of all religions and none to become knowledgeable of the Shiva Purana and come to terms with it if we are sincere about loving God and His Word. The Shiva Purana is basic spiritual literature for all devotees of God who seek salvation and the good Life here on earth. A knowledge of the Shiva Purana is great spiritual riches as is a knowledge of the Bible, the Koran, and other more recent Scriptures created by God Himself.