The Work of The Soul edited by Barbara Condron


The Work of The Soul edited by Barbara Condron


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Meet over a dozen people who can answer these questions.

They are among the hundred thousand on six continents who have requested significant Past Life Readings from the School of Metaphysics. Uncovering proof of previous life existences has indirectly occurred over the past quarter of a century as a result of the School of Metaphysics’ research into Mankind’s potential and spiritual evolution.

Through years of concentration and meditation practices, individuals have reached deeper and deeper states of consciousness. Lucid dreaming, psi development, intuitive skills, and accumulated wisdom are experienced within these inner levels of awareness. So is the record of where all souls have been and the work they have accomplished. By “reading” these Akashic Records past life information can be accessed and reported.

Many people find these readings reminiscent of Edgar Cayce’s work, a Midwesterner who found he possessed a very real psychic ability which was shared with several hundred people during the early part of the 1900’s. It is not chance that during the final quarter of this century, again out of the Midwestern United States, comes a very real psychic ability which has been refined into an intuitive skill that can be and has been honed and developed by not just one person, but several. This is in fact the mission of the School of Metaphysics — to teach what up to this point in history has been in the hands of only a few, revealing what has been kept secret throughout the ages, taught only in small groups ranging from the Freemasons to the Vatican to the Tibetan Buddhist monks.

Making past life knowledge available to anyone is one way this mission is being fulfilled for it empowers people to do The Work of the Soul.

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