The Leonard Orr – One Year Seminar

LEONARD4Since the very beginnings of rebirthing in the 1970s, the One Year Seminar (OYS) has remained one of the world’s most powerful programs for personal growth and breakthrough…

In the One Year Seminar, you will be supported in overcoming the major issues that keep us all unconscious and stuck in our patterns. You will experience the strange, beautiful and powerful relief of recovering major parts of your free will – your soul – that you never even knew you’d lost.

In the One Year Seminar, you, your fellow participants, and one or more trainers will meet up once a month for a year. During each meeting, you will review the month just passed, relating it to your earlier life, and receive support, honest feedback and inspirational angles from the other attendees. You will experience the ‘lightbulb moments’ as the happenings in your life start to make sense like never before, and as you start to see whole new solutions to even the most difficult problems.

If you come to one of our One Year Seminars, and if you come with an open mind and an open heart, then expect massive positive changes. Expect to feel the relief as huge burdens just melt off your shoulders. And, expect to put in a whole lot of work, as you learn and improve on your spiritual purification skills, clean out a lifetime of old baggage and implement in your outer life what you are already accomplishing on the inside.

Rebirthing-Breathwork International encourages all rebirthing-breathwork practitioner trainers to organise One Year Seminars in their own areas, so nobody in the world needs to be too far away from their nearest OYS.

If you are a rebirther trainer interested in running your own OYS, or if you are looking for a OYS in an area not yet listed here, please contact Peace Arnold – [email protected]